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Tunstall Healthcare is the world's leading provider of telehealthcare solutions.

Our technology and services play a key role in helping older people and those with long-term health and care needs to stay out of the hospital, live independently, and enjoy a better quality of life.



Introducing Mobile-Mate, a Mobile Alert Response System designed to give subscribers the freedom and confidence to do the things they love. Mobile-Mate provides subscribers with access to a Response Center Operator virtually anywhere they may go.

Mobile-Mate, lending you a helping hand 24/7.

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NEW Tunstall Vi™

The Tunstall Vi offers a more attractive, non-clinical-looking base unit. The Tunstall Vi offers a 2nd button customized for non-emergency services. This value-added feature provides quick-access to the services that are most important to your subscribers, and provides a true engagement platform.

The Tunstall Vi—a valuable link to your services, and builds relationships with your subscribers.

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