Integrated Care Platform™ Remote Patient Monitoring Software
Helping to manage chronic disease and to keep your patients out of the Emergency Room

Tunstall's Telehealth Solution, ICP, leverages 24/7 remote patient monitoring and video conferencing to help manage chronic disease and to keep your patients out of the emergency room. ICP is the core of a major Canadian Home-health monitoring service and is currently utilized in Europe, Canada, Australasia, and China.

What is ICP?

ICP is a bundle of web-based software products for Remote Patient Monitoring. Included in the suite of software solutions are applications for both your clinicians and your patients.

Your Patient's Applications

ICP myCare_LOGO.png

The mycare portal is an application used by patients and their family caregivers. With mycare, they can access key patient information, and the most recent vital sign readings. They will also have access to a calendar of the patient’s care plan; the vital signs limits and targets determined by their care provider; and a booking function that enables them to access concierge services from care and home maintenance providers.

myMobile logo purple flower1.png

The monitoring platform your patients will use to complete their health surveys, video conference with their physicians, and submit their vital signs readings. mymobile can be accessed via the web, or by downloading the app from a smart device on either the Apple or Android platform. On the app version, patients are able to connect other Bluetooth-enabled devices, like a scale or blood oximeter, to help automate their vital sign readings.

Your Clinicians' Applications


The core of the program, and, as the name suggest, triagemanager is the software that your clinicians will use to triage your patients. This robust back-end portal gives detailed insights into the key health indicators that you customize for the patient and disease state you are monitoring.

Reporting services_LOGO.png

Another tool for your clinicians to help them better manage your remote patients. ICP myreports enables custom reporting and the ability to create new reports when necessary.


The video conferencing service portal. Your team will be able to schedule virtual appointments with individual patients, or set up virtual waiting rooms, where patients are seen on a first-come-first-serve basis. You are in control of how and when you want to see your patients.