Patient Access Solutions

Want to improve patient satisfaction, revenue, and operational efficiencies for your hospital or healthcare organization? 
Offer 24/7 Patient Access Solutions.

The rising cost of healthcare has lead patients to demand more for their money. Like consumers in all other industries, healthcare patients will shop around for providers based on their care experience, level of satisfaction, and ease of access. Make sure you are positioned to retain existing patients and attract new ones with our suite of 24/7 Patient Access Solutions.


By giving 24/7 access to your patients, it will have positive impact not only on their satisfaction:


Reduced No-Shows


Reduced Walk-ins


Reduced Hold Times


Reduced Abandons


Increased Patient Satisfaction


Increased Reimbursement Rate


Increased Physician Satisfaction


Improved Access

Our solutions can be customized to fit any and all of your healthcare organization’s needs. Our 600+ employees handle more than 2.5 million calls and over 6 million patient contacts every year. We have the infrastructure and expertise to help single physician practices as well as some of the most complex healthcare systems in the country.


Overflow call-handling


Overflow call support for hospitals and clinics when their front office is occupied. We answer calls, schedule appointments, and take messages on their behalf to help reduce hold times and abandons. Tunstall agents act as a back-up during emergency situations, high peak hours, regular meetings, and unforeseen disaster situations. 



After-hours call-handling

We provide an after-hours medical answering service. We answer incoming calls during non-business hours, take and relay messages to the office, and in critical situations, we reach out to the on-call physician. Offering after-hours access to your patients will help your hospital or healthcare facility reduce no-show rates while also increasing fill rates.

Appt schedule.png

Appointment Scheduling


Our appointment scheduling unit provides customers the ability to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments 24/7. Leveraging this solution will not only increase fill rates and reduce no-shows, it will also increase patient access and satisfaction.


Appointment Reminders


We provide appointment reminders through multiple platforms/ channels such as live reminders, automated reminders, and text reminders to reduce no-show rates and increase fill rates. Appointment reminders will also result in more efficient management of patient and physician schedules.


Financial Pre-screening

During this process, we identify patients that do not have the proper insurance coverage, or insurance that is no longer active or on-par. We then reach out to the patient, notify them of the situation, and refer them back to their insurer. If necessary, we refer them to financial counseling. This will have a significant impact on payer reimbursement and the financial well-being of your hospital or clinic.




We register patients over the phone during the appointment scheduling process. By doing so, it will dramatically cut down on the check-in process at the time of their visit, which in turn will increase patient satisfaction, and operational efficiencies for your front-desk staff.

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Outreach Campaigns


We offer several outreach programs, such as: patient satisfaction surveys, experience on calls, and availability of appointments for patients who have been waiting the longest. This helps bolster the perception of the quality of care, while also improving fill-rates and patient satisfaction.

Telephone Answering Service.png

Telephone Answering Service


A 24/7 full-service medical answering solution for every type of healthcare facility. The fully-customizable and scalable solutions range from After-hours and Overflow Call-handling, to 24/7 Appointment Scheduling, and can be tailored to fit the needs of single physician practices, to the most complex healthcare organizations in the country.